Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information

Member Management and Use of Service

Items of Personal Information Collected

1) Information Necessary for Member Registration

 [General Registration ]

  - Phone number(Required), nickname(Required), password(Required) 

 [Social Media Account Registration ] 


  - Google nickname(Required), Google account email(Optional)


  - Apple nickname(Required), Apple account email(Optional) 

2) Information Necessary for Service Use

 - Any photos, videos (including screen captures), voice information, log data, cookies, network type, device information (device type, model name, device ID, OS), terminal time zone, version of applications used by users, etc.

Personal Information Retention

If personal information retainment is required until the maintenance period of membership, withdrawal, or until the loss of membership eligibility, or if required by relevant laws and regulations, it will be kept for the period specified by the law. 

You have the right to refuse consent for the collection and use of personal information mentioned above, and if you refuse to consent, the service may not be available. 

For more details, please refer to the [Privacy Policy]