Consent to receive marketing

1. Purpose of using advertising information.

Advertising information such as benefits information provided by Golf Fix, various event information, product information, and new service information is provided to members by e-mail, text message (SMS or Kakao Notification Talk), and push.

However, information and some benefit information that are mandatory to be guided other than advertising information are provided regardless of whether they agree to receive or not.

2. Disadvantages in case of disagreement.

The use of the service is not limited even if you refuse to agree to the selection information.

However, marketing information services such as discounts, events, and user-tailored product recommendations will be restricted.

3. Consent and withdrawal of receipt.

If you don't want marketing information provided by Golf Fix, you can request a withdrawal from the "Home Tab > Settings > Notification Settings" in the Golf Fix app.

In addition, if you want to newly agree to the use of marketing in the future, you can agree in 'Home Tab > Settings > Notification Settings'.

Only the Korean version of these Agreements is authentic. In the event of any conflict between the Korean version and the English version, the interpretation according to the Korean version shall prevail.

Date of implementation of change of consent to use marketing information: July 30, 2020