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AI swing analysis

Get your swing analysis
anytime and anywhere without waiting

Record your swing or upload video for analysis
Runs without any problems either domestic or overseas usage
Receive quick and accurate AI analysis in any network status
Swing statistics and detailed analysis 

Fix your swing through various functions

Cumulative statistics gains high accuracy as you pile up your swing data
Compare your swing to pro’s swing
Analyze my swing through AI automatic support line detection function. 
Optimized algorithm will recommend customized lesson video just for you
Focus Drill

Found out your swing mistakes?
Pinpoint a single mistake and focus on it

Select a drill topic
and focus on a particular one to fix swing error.
Your swing will improve and you'll notice in no time.
Get your Pic of the day

Share the AI-photographer’s awesome photo with friends

Used to edit clips by yourself or ask a photographer for a photoshoot? Now leave the editing. AI will generate your swing sequence.
Just share your swing, share the fun.