Renovates the future of sports through technology 

We see a world where AI makes sports learning easy and enjoyable for everyone 

All in-house technology regarding the maximization of sports learning

With cutting-edge AI coaching technology and motion awareness technology, MOAIS wishes to present an eye-opening experience to all sports enthusiasts
2D/3D posture awareness technology
- Deep learning based 2D posture awareness technology accurately identifies tricky video clips such as blurred motion, backlit and twisted motion videos
- Deep learning based markerless 3D posture awareness technology applicable to single/multiple cameras
- Developed and advanced in-house data collection, processing, model development, optimization and adaptation process meet the highest level of accuracy
Deep learning model lightening technology
- Model quantization technology and device optimization technology are applied to maintain accuracy and to lighten the deep learning model simultaneously
- Instant AI analysis enables getting real-time feedback from AI coach
Golf swing analysis algorithm
- Analyze up to 50 precise golf swing errors combining AI, image processing and big data technology
- Find out what causes slice, hook and shank through deep learning based swing plane video analysis 

MOAIS History


- Raised SEED funding 
- Selected as TIPS program
- Awarded Korea Mobile award / Hosted by Ministry of Science and ICT
- Awarded this year’s Top Sports Company / Hosted by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism


- Awarded Come Up 2022 "Forest of Innovation Awards" 
- Google Play " ChangGoo Program 4th" 
- Raised Series A funding
- Attended CES 2022
- Launched Golf Fix in English
- Launched Golf Fix for iOS


- Selected as Top Start-up / Hosted by Seoul & Maekyung media group
- Selected as Best practice of data using / Hosted by Seoul digital foundation
- Selected as AI Yangjae HUB’s excellent company / Hosted by Seoul
- Received the Certificate of Technical Achievement(TI-3 level) from Public CA(NICE Information Service)


- Selected as Data voucher’s Best practice
- Certified as Venture company and established corporate annex research institute